Hello there!

My name is Szymon Piecuch, I live in Katowice, Poland and I'm a Node.js developer 😉. For me programming is not just a job, it's my passion, my hobby, it's a part of my life. I think that programming is not a science, it's an art!


Hobbies, passion

I love almost every kind of sport (except soccer), and I'm an active person. A week without running or gym means that something is wrong with me 😉. Gym works as a kind of brain resetting for me, so I usually go there after work, to have a clean mind for the rest of the day.
I'm a big drones fan! Exploring places from the drone point of view is so exciting! It's like a game, but in a real world - you hold a controller in your hands, looking at the screen or goggles flying around your real neighborhood 🚀. Could you imagine anything cooler 😆?

If I have to choose 3 things to take on a desert island, that would be a drone and 2 extra batteries


Meetups, communities

I believe that sharing your knowledge is very good because of 2 reasons: giving something back to the community and you building a personal mark. Both of those things are important to me as a developer. There are a lot of open sources libraries, that we use every day (take a look at your node_modules), so why don't to give anything from you? Come on! 😁
Building a personal mark strengthens your position as a developer and opens new opportunities, that you haven't had before.